Debt Consolidation

Loan despite debt is possible.

and whether you have other debts or unpaid bills. No matter whether you want to take out a personal loan or a construction loan – the starting point is another one that (still) has debts. Who books a Mallorca holiday on credit, later has nothing but debts. At least one final note records that all debts are paid an d / or indebted; permanent employment; current expenses for your life (incl. you need a loan despite debt and Credit Bureau?).

Credit comparisons & secure top conditions

Credit comparisons & secure top conditions

There are many life situations in which a loan is often unavoidable for individuals or companies: a loan request is immediately approved or rejected. We also issue bonds for debt collection and disability. Taking out a loan is not an easy way for many people. In addition, many debtors are afraid of accumulating another mountain of debt in this way or of experiencing economic difficulties due to contract failures.

It compares loans from Swiss providers and selects the cheapest offer. In addition, we support you holistically in all types of credit transactions. We are happy to help you with further information and questions. Let us convince you of our comprehensive credit services. Secure your top offer today and use our unique service:

Fill out the credit application in 2 minutes. Adjust the loan amount to the income ratio. Due to a fixed repayment schedule, it is impossible for you to incur new debts through your loan or to fall behind in payment. Doubtful Swiss providers have no prospects with us. In a few steps, you can use our Credit Calculator to determine and submit your desired loan.

But you don’t have the right money right now? We search through the various car loan offers of Swiss insurance companies for you and thus always guarantee you the best conditions with favorable premium rates. Do you have a question about car loans? But did the house bank reject your application in the course of the credit check? Use our quick and easy loan!

We will not charge you any interest due in the event of early repayment.

We will not charge you any interest due in the event of early repayment.

You can secure your free and uncomplicated range of services in just a few clicks: Send us your loan application: Simply visit our website and use the online form. I will repay the loan: if you have approved your order and signed it, we will transfer the credit amount to your bank account.

Fill out the credit application in 2 minutes. For the borrower, this is the most common question in the contract. However, in order to be able to estimate in advance which fees will be imposed on you when taking out a loan, our loan calculator is recommended: change your loan and save it! With our practical calculator, you can compare your current credit conditions and make cheaper offers with our support.

In addition, we are open to all open questions – whether you want to increase your loan or only partially repay it. The creditworthiness according to the Consumer Credit Act (KKG) must be available. A loan is only granted if the borrower can make the installment payments from the part of the income that has not been confiscated. Swiss credit institutions also meet other requirements.

When planning a rescheduling and repaying the existing loan, the following should be taken into account for the online loan application: When lending, you should also ask us: Credit institutions often charge higher interest rates than for new contracts. Our experts are at your disposal for further information.

Whether loans or loans for individuals and companies or investments and financial investments – we have the right offers for you.

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