Long partners are not of interest to us. Men go into “tango” and women cry and pay

The National Debt Register has commissioned research on this subject and the results obtained show a rather interesting picture of male-female relationships in the context of having debt. It turns out that as many as 84% ​​of respondents are not interested in the financial condition of their new partner and in particular whether he has any unpaid liabilities. Only every seventh person was interested in the financial position of their partner. In contrast, people in the middle age from 35 to 44 years old (as much as 21.1%) showed the greatest interest in this matter. At the other extreme were people over 60, in this group only 9.9% checked their partner in this respect.

It can be said that the most blew on cold people living separately and having the status of a bachelor / maiden. Over 28% in this group were interested in the financial condition of the other party. The greatest trust and thus the least interest in the debts of the partner was declared by people living in formal relationships. In the group of married women and married men, the “interest” rate was 12.1%.


Love forgives anything?

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The study shows that the percentage of people who are interested in the financial sphere of their partner is increasing, as well as the general awareness of Poles regarding finances and the settlement of loans and borrowings.

The results show that just over 5% of respondents have ever had to pay back the liabilities incurred by their former husband / wife / partner / partner. However, women in this group seem to be more disadvantaged because their percentage is as much as 68%. Women with secondary education (47% of them) predominate here, living in towns of up to 100,000 residents (55%) as well as those who did not check their love for debts at the beginning (64%).

The sources of unpaid liabilities were usually cash loans taken from banks and other financial institutions, mortgage loans as well as debts from family and friends. Much less often it was unpaid bills for the Internet, telephone media or installment purchases.


What God has joined together let man not separate …

What God has joined together let man not separate ...

The holy marriage knot, as is usually said, involves partners on many levels. Sometimes, however, it becomes too tight for some people, especially when it comes to the debt of the other partner. The study shows that in the group of people who remained in formal relationships, more than half were forced to pay their liabilities after their “former” (this ratio amounted to as much as 58.8%). For comparison, in informal relationships, problems with the former partner’s debts had “only” 36.3% of respondents. In almost half of the situation, the total debt was not higher than $ 15,000. Interestingly, 13% of respondents did not want to answer this question and 20% of respondents were not able to estimate the amount of debt left by the partner.

The results of the conducted tests sensitize to one very important issue. Money and financial matters cannot be taboo in a relationship between two adults. It is worth talking about this topic and be aware of the financial condition of the other party. The old proverb that prevention is better than cure works perfectly in this situation. Only a reliable approach to the subject will protect us in the future from disappointments, which can happen in any relationship.

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