Spreading the debt into installments

You have a large debt to pay, but you are unable to deal with it? In this situation, it is worth writing a request to spread the debt in installments. If the lender accepts your application, you will pay off your debt more conveniently.

How will the debt be split into installments?

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Loan repayment does not always go our way. Sometimes various situations arise, which make repayment of the loan on time difficult, and in some cases impossible.

When you know that repayment of debt on time is inevitable, then the most important thing is proactive action. Contact with the lender is highly recommended. The sooner you contact us, the better for you – creditors most often want you to pay back your debt and are able to go to your debtors. However, for this to happen, you must demonstrate so-called goodwill and willingness to pay the debt.

Of course, the application for spreading the debt in installments is not always necessary.

How to write a loan installment application step by step?

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The application should include basic information such as the date and place of preparation of the application, your data, information that will allow you to verify which debt the application relates to (e.g. contract number), creditor’s details, signature. It is worth focusing on several points at the same time:

– Request for payment in installments and justification of the application – it is good for the lender to know that there is a serious reason for writing the application.

– Debt repayment offer – it is worth proposing your form of debt repayment, spreading into installments.

Of course, even the best written application does not guarantee that it will be considered positively, however, good justification of the application will significantly increase the chances of a positive outcome.

In addition to the arguments, it is worth adding evidence that confirms them. For example, if the reason is the death of a loved one, then you can attach the death certificate. This will increase your chances of positive consideration of the application.

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